What is Kyuda?

Kyuda streamlines automation of any process that involves APIs by offering both code-level control and GUI options. It's the quickest route to bring your ideas to life in production.

The Kyuda Platform includes:

  • A scalable and maintenance-free serverless runtime and pipeline service;

  • Open source triggers and actions for hundreds of integrated apps;

  • OAuth and key-based authentication for hundreds of APIs and services.

It makes it easy to build pipelines by piecing together various actions like LEGO bricks. These actions are small pieces of programming logic that cover a wide variety of different services. You can connect these actions together along with the ability to write Node code for your own logic.

For example, maybe you want to read in a Google Sheet, do sentiment analysis on the text, and then email a summary to a product team? Or perhaps monitor a RSS feed for new items and send a SMS message with an alert? Kyuda has an incredibly powerful, easy to use website that makes it easy to setup these workflows, share them with others, and modify when you find the need.

Every pipelines begins with a trigger, basically a way to define how the pipelines starts. Kyuda supports many different types of triggers with a simple "here is a URL to hit" HTTP trigger being the simplest. On the more powerful side, Kyuda supports what are known as "event sources", these are triggers that act as responses to various services.

Once an event source trigger is setup, you can immediately begin testing. Kyuda provides a way to look at all invocations of the workflow and inspect the data at each step.

You can then add any pre-build action, or write your own custom code.

From startups to enterprises, customers of all sizes trust Kyuda for automating business logic. The platform can processe billions of events and is built to seamlessly scale.

Monitoring & alerting

Pipe data from an API endpoint to your data warehouse, fix inconsistencies across disparate datasets, or centralise third-party data into your internal databases.

Lightweight ETL

Set up out-of-stock alerts, surface suspicious transaction activity, or triage customer support tickets based on severity.

Custom notifications

Send personalised offers to customers, email invoice reminders, or notify your team of new user signups.

Metrics Reporting

Send daily emails capturing progress against sales forecasts, post hourly usage to Slack, or share business KPIs with investors.

Webhook inspection

Collect HTTP requests or subscribe to events from popular apps and Inspect each event in a human-friendly way.

Rate limiting, event queueing and concurrency management

Manage the concurrency and rate at which events trigger your pipeline using advanced execution controls.

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